Valdosta, Georgia Criminal Defense and DUI Attorney

Welcome to the Valdosta criminal defense law firm of Laura Anderson Wood, LLC. After spending 16 years as a prosecutor, I provide defense against criminal charges and DUIs. Learn how I can represent you against criminal and drug charges through a free new client consultation.

Practice Area

I provide aggressive DUI and criminal defense legal services throughout the states of Georgia and Florida with a focus on DUI, OUI, and criminal charges. My defense services include robbery, arson, theft, burglary, assault and battery, domestic violence, rape, murder, parole violation, and more. I believe my clients are innocent until proven guilty, and deserve to be treated fairly and informed of all the options. From the moment you retain me to represent you, I will do my best and fight tirelessly to clear your name, reduce the impact of the charges on your life, and help you and your loved ones find resolution. I travel through Georgia and Florida to go where you need me.

Every new client relationship starts with a discussion of the matter at hand, your options, and my professional advice on how to proceed. At all times, I strive to keep my clients informed of any changes, new evidence, or information pertaining to their case. I fight hard for all of my clients and understand what the other side is thinking from my 16 years of experience as a prosecutor. The sooner you hire me to represent you, the better odds you have at getting the charges dismissed or reduced.

How a Valdosta Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help You

I believe that everyone has the right to an attorney to provide compassionate, thoughtful defense against charges. If you seek an attorney who will defend you at trial or appeal, or who will help you settle the matter quickly so you can put the past behind you, I am here to help.

When you stand accused of a crime or DUI/OUI, don’t make the mistake of representing yourself. Only a criminal lawyer understands the way to defend against charges and reduce the impact on your life. If you try to go it alone, you could wind up with steep fines or jail time. Hire me to reduce the impact and move on with your life. I offer free consultations where we can discuss your situation and how I can help. Reserve your consultation today by calling 229-259-0525.

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