Criminal, Personal Injury and Family Law
Valdosta Attorney Laura Anderson Wood

Whether you visit court in hopes of clearing criminal charges from your record or finalizing your divorce, you need to know that you can count on your attorney to deliver the best possible legal resolution. If you work with Laura Anderson Wood, LLC, you will be fully confident in your ability to achieve a favorable outcome. A talented attorney with an excellent reputation in the Valdosta area, Laura Anderson Wood is passionate about several areas of law — and eager to help you bring your case to a close.

Service Area

Laura Anderson Wood, LLC is located in Valdosta, Georgia. While many of the law firm’s clients reside in Valdosta, legal representation is available for clients living throughout Georgia and Florida. Laura obtained her Juris Doctor in Florida and has practiced law for well over a decade in Georgia, so she is intimately familiar with the legal systems in both states.

Practice Areas

The primary practice areas at Laura Anderson Wood, LLC are criminal defense, personal injury, and family law. At surface level, these practice areas may seem very different, but they actually share many similarities — and there is often a surprising amount of overlap between these types of cases. All three practice areas involve some of the toughest experiences clients will ever face, including criminal accusations, injuries caused by negligence, and divorce. The sources of pain that strike Laura’s clients may differ, but all of her clients deserve high-quality legal representation from a compassionate, yet assertive attorney.


Laura consistently shows that she respects and values her clients. She educates her clients on the ins and outs of the local legal system, letting them know exactly what they can expect in court. While she’s known for her ability to build strong relationships with her clients, her real talent lies in her seamless navigation of tense courtroom situations. She excels in this environment, bringing an assertive attitude to all courtroom proceedings. Her aggressive stance has resulted in numerous courtroom successes — and your case could be the next success story. To learn more about the legal services offered at Laura Anderson Wood, LLC, get in touch today.

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